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Final Expense Whole Life


Few people are prepared for the emotional impact of the death of family and loved ones. Sadly, many people are also not prepared for the financial impact. Many people are unprepared for the expense of the funeral and other final preparations, loss of income, and credit card balances and other debts. After all, no one intends to leave an emotional and financial burden to their family and loved ones.


At Standard Life we believe that planning ahead is the key. With AdvantageGuard Final Expense Whole Life from Standard Life and Final Arrangements Planning from Dignity Planning, you can develop a complete final preparations package and take steps now to ease what could otherwise be a stressful situation for family and loved ones.



AdvantageGuard Final Expense Whole Life Insurance


Our Final Expense Whole Life insurance plans were developed with your needs in mind – to help you protect your family’s financial future and help them avoid the worry of how to pay for your funeral and other final expenses.


Social Security only pays a death benefit of $255 to qualified individuals, which falls thousands of dollars short of the actual cost of basic funeral expenses depending on where you live and your individual preferences. Once the policy is issued, AdvantageGuard offers immediate coverage and the proceeds can be paid directly to your beneficiary, in most cases free of probate expense and delay. The policies are available for ages 26 - 80 and, in most cases, no physical exam is required. The policy offers you coverage amounts from $5,000 - $75,000 depending on your age, and as long as you pay the premium on a timely basis, Standard Life cannot reduce your benefits, cancel your policy or increase your premium.



Final Arrangements Planning from Dignity Planning


Unfortunately, families often disagree over the details of the final preparations for their loved one. The steps you take today can help your family feel confident that they are honoring your final requests and wishes without compromising their financial stability.


With Final Arrangements Planning from Dignity Planning, you can preplan the details of your funeral or cremation and leave nothing to chance. You can make your wishes known to your family and prevent them from having to make decisions at a difficult time. Your family and loved ones will appreciate the forethought.



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